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25 phone contractors needed this week!

Short term contract available to grow your business!


Make mystery calls from a list of companies, assuming the role of a person who has seen a TV ad or heard a radio commercial and wants more information about the company/product/service.  The agent will give a brief summary of their call experience and submit the form weekly.



Must have landline phone or cell phone

Great phone presence.

Able to interact over the phone with blended conversation.

Able to complete work by scheduled deadlines.

Access to a valid email address

Service up to 60 days with possible additional lists


Lists provided each week by email with up to 12 calls per list. 

Payout up to $20.00 per list 

Able to do multiple lists once approved

Start today!

Enroll below and start next week earning $$


Extra Bonus!!

We have provided not one but two gifts for those who aspire to be business owners someday!

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Christy Wright's

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